We launch our new website!

"The feedback we have received has been invaluable and now after many months of planning and development we have a newly-designed website that we hope meets expectations."

Since 2007, Lab Tests Online has been helping as many as 750,000 Australians each year to access the sort of independent, insightful information about pathology testing they can trust.

We know from the regular research we conduct that the information we provide is what people need. But we’ve also asked for ideas and suggestions about the changes and improvements we can make to make the website more engaging and more flexible to use.

Our fresh new website makes for a more engaging user experience with a cleaner look and with more emphasis on imagery, videos and infographics.

Importantly, the new design uses responsive website technology to ensure accessibility across multiple device platforms – from smartphone & tablet to laptop & PC.

The homepage has a clean and simple design and for the first time, uses videos for instant communication.

Our new website gives us the foundation we need for ongoing development and the ability to make more improvements into the future.

We’re confident it will make the task of searching out information on pathology a more interesting experience. If you have any feedback or suggestions, just click on the form Contact us.

We build the confidence patients need – We equip health professionals to make the decisions that matter – We showcase the valuable work of the lab


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