Pathology reports and My Health Record

Pathology laboratories are now sharing reports with My Health Record

My Health Record has announced that pathology reports are now being gradually uploaded to people’s records. Some pathology laboratories can add results to My Health Record now. Others will be connecting to the My Health Record over the next year or so. Once they are connected, they can add reports.

How it works
The aim is that by having your results directly, you will be able to keep track of the tests you have had and when you had them, and be able to monitor your results over time.

Pathology reports (such as blood test results) will still be sent directly to your GP or healthcare provider in the same way they are at present.

If you have a My Health Record, the report will be immediately available to your doctor and any other healthcare professionals who have access to your My Health Record.

The report will be listed in your My Health Record and you will be able to read it after one week. This gives your doctor time to check the report first and contact you about the results, if needed.

If you do not want a report added to your My Health Record:

  • Tell your doctor or the pathology service, or
  • Check the Do not send reports to My Health Record box on the request form, or
  • Write Do not send reports to My Health Record on the request form.

You can withdraw consent or ask that a report not be uploaded at any time up until the report is uploaded by the laboratory.  A pathology service will not share a report if you have asked for it not to be uploaded, or if State or Territory legislation prohibits sharing sensitive information, such as with HIV or AIDS, without express consent.

If you can’t find your pathology reports in your My Health Record, it may be because the pathology laboratory is not yet connected to the My Health Record system. You can check the list of pathology services* that are connected to and uploading information to the My Health Record system on the My Health Record website.

Recognising that people may need extra help in reading their results, each My Health Record provides a link to Lab Tests OnlineAU.

Lab Tests OnlineAU cannot interpret your personal results – this needs to be done between you and your doctor – rather it provides detailed background information to help you ask the right questions of your healthcare team.

For more information on the sharing of pathology results via My Health Record go to:

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