More people visit Lab Tests Online Australasia

Significant increases in visitors over the past three years

The number of people coming to Lab Tests Online Australasia (LTOAU) continues to grow to the point where are now seeing more than 150,000 visitors a month- or nearly 2 million people a year. The graphic below shows monthly traffic over recent years.

While some of this traffic is made up of healthcare professionals, the majority represents the general public- people seeking information about their pathology tests or those of someone they are caring for.

We anticipate our visitor numbers will continue to increase. As more people receive their test results directly from the laboratory, either through their My Health Record or from their doctor, we will play an increasingly important role in supporting them.

When developing the MHR, the Australian Digital Health Agency concluded that people need accurate and trustworthy information to help them understand their tests results. It recognises the value of LTOAU as being best-placed to do this and a link is provided on the pathology results page of each MHR. This enables anyone with a MHR to go straight into LTOAU. Instantly, they can have information, available at any time, which is easy to understand and can help them recall their doctor's advice.

LTOAU is the foremost source of pathology information for Australians. This is because people can trust that the information they receive is accurate and independent of any commercial or political influence.

The information  that you see on LTOAU is provided by scientists and pathologists working in the laboratories across Australia. They do this on a voluntary basis. They are passionate about helping people understand medical testing and sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. In this way, LTOAU maintains its key objectives of providing authoritative and up-to-date information.

LTOAU is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health which enables a small management team to perform a number of functions such as writing, reviewing and placement of content, together with development of alternative ways of presenting patient-friendly information, and general maintenance of the LTOAU website. We also gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all our volunteer reviewers and writers in the pathology profession who provide the content for LTOAU.

Recently, there have been some major changes to our management team. We have farewelled Tony Prior as Chair of LTOAU Management Group. Tony was a part of the team that established LTOAU way back in 2007. He has contributed in several roles during those 11 years and has been instrumental in the success of LTOAU. We sincerely thank him for all his work and support over the last 11 years.

We welcome Clinical Associate Professor Susan Benson as the new Chair of LTOAU. Sue is a microbiologist and infectious diseases physician from Western Australia and has recently chaired her first meeting with the new LTOAU Steering Group which will provide the strategic direction of LTOAU in the future.

We are looking forward in 2019 to the continuing development of LTOAU and reaching even more people with accurate and helpful information about pathology.

We welcome feedback so please drop us a line through this link (below). Feedback from our visitors drives the developements and changes we make. Whether it is telling us about what information you would like us to cover, a test you have experience with, or your opinions of the website, we are listening. (

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