Information on laboratory tests is important

Information on lab tests is important

A study recently reported in the journal Laboratory Medicine has looked at how having information about laboratory tests affected people who were having tests ordered by their doctor. The authors Joan L. Boyd, John M. Hazy and Salvatore A. Sanders, sent questionnaires to the study group asking them whether they had been given information by their doctor or another healthcare provider about the purpose of the tests, whether any test preparation was required, whether current medications needed to be adjusted and whether the results of the tests were adequately explained.

The authors found that patients want information on and an understanding of their laboratory tests and results. This group also reported that understanding the purpose of their tests and their relationship to their medical conditions increased their satisfaction with the health care system.

The study did not look at use of the Lab Tests Online website but the study confirms what feedback from patients using Lab Tests Online has previously told us – having information about your lab tests is important. Lab Tests Online has just this kind of information and is readily available to everyone.

Source: Laboratory Medicine 2007;38(11):680-684.

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