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The Australian Medical Observer has recently published a commentary on the future of the use of HbA1c for diagnosis of diabetes in Australia. Author Catherine Hanrahan in an article dated February 21, tells us that local experts are saying that ‘Universal use of HbA1c for diagnosing diabetes is a long way off, despite new Australian data showing the test can be used successfully’. While the World Health Organization has formally accepted the use of HbA1c for diagnosis, the Australian Diabetes Society is yet to clarify how the recommendation should be implemented in Australia. Associate Professor Jonathan Shaw and Associate Professor Michael d’Emden who are both on the Australian Diabetes Society HbA1c working party have indicated that acceptance of the test will depend on Medicare Australia agreeing to fund the test for this purpose. Negotiations between the Australian Diabetes Society, the Royal College of Pathologists and Medicare are required to consider all the ramifications of this change and these are likely to take a long time.

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