healthdirect app launched today

The healthdirect mobile app is designed to help people make health decisions quickly, safely and easily. Importantly, it provides consumers with an easy way to access information partner content on a mobile device. 

The app is backed by the governments of Australia, and today was launched with the support of NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, who said: “The NSW health system is focused on providing the right care in the right place at the right time. healthdirect is a vital resource which provides professional advice and reassurance to families and individuals about the most appropriate response to medical concerns.”
A copy of the media release is attached for your information.(pdf)

The healthdirect app allows people to:
  • search for trusted information:
This function leads consumers to information partner sites. A primary feature of the app designed to encourage consumers to search trusted Australian sites for their health information.
  • check symptoms:
The Symptom Checker tool guides people through a set of questions to help them better understand their symptoms and receive advice on what to do next, whether it is self-care or seeing a health professional.
  • find local health services:
The app puts the most comprehensive directory of Australian health services at people’s fingertips, to help them easily find the service they need, when they need it.

The healthdirect app also displays latitude and longitude coordinates which can be relayed to emergency service operators – this is especially useful in emergency situations where people may be in an unfamiliar place or a rural location with no obvious landmarks.

Download links: App iTunes Store download   Google Play download

For more information visit the healthdirect website, where you can watch a short video about the app. There is also specific information available for health professionals.


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