Major plasma proteins and their functions listed according to their electrophoretic group
Prealbumin Retinol binding protein Transport for vitamin A
Transthyretin Binder for thyroid hormone
Albumin Albumin Main plasma protein; reduces tissue water accumulation, transports many substances
Alpha1-globulin Alpha1-antitrypsin Inactivates trypsin, other proteolytic enzymes, reduces damage from inflammation
Orosomucoid Immune response modifier, drug binder for acidic drugs such as lignocaine
High density lipoprotein (HDL) Reverse transport of cholesterol ('good' cholesterol)
Alpha2-globulin Alpha2-macroglobulin Binds to many enzymes preventing tissue damage
Haptoglobin Haemoglobin binding protein
Caeruloplasmin Copper binding protein, involved in normal iron metabolism
Beta globulin Transferrin Iron transport and delivery to cells
Low density lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol delivery to tissue
Complement component 3 Helps regulate inflammatory response to foreign substances
IgA Immunoglobulin involved in secretions
Fibrinogen Coagulation factor (found only in plasma, not serum)
Gamma globulin IgG Major immunoglobulin; long term immunity
IgM Initial reponse immunoglobulin
C-reactive protein Inflammatory response mediator

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