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The medical community has set a low diagnostic threshold for this condition. This means that if the doctor suspects that a woman has PID, then she should be treated regardless of whether the diagnosis can be confirmed. This is done because it takes very little PID scarring to cause infertility.

Treatment is typically one or more broad-spectrum antibiotics that will target Chlamydia trachomatisNeisseria gonorrhoeae, and a range of other bacteria. If the causative microorganisms are known, then the treatment is tailored to address them. A woman’s sexual partner should also be treated so that the woman is not re-infected after treatment.

In most cases, treatment can be given on an outpatient basis, but if the woman is acutely ill, pregnant, or not responding to treatment, then she may require hospitalization. In rare cases, for example if there is an abscess, surgery may be required.

Last Review Date: April 10, 2020