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It is important that everyone visiting or moving to countries where there may be exposure to malaria seek medical advice. This includes immigrants who return to their country of origin to visit friends and relatives.

All travellers should use personal protection methods to avoid mosquito bites, particularly from dawn to dusk. Light-coloured, loose fitting, long sleeved clothing should be worn and mosquito repellent with adequate DEET should be used. Mosquito nets for sleeping are recommended if accommodation does not have air conditioning or screens. Permethrin impregnated clothing and nets can be used by those at high risk.

Anti-malarial medication can be used after consideration of each individual’s risk. Factors that must be considered include specific areas of travel, season of travel, type and length of travel and each person’s medical history. The type of medication recommended will depend on patterns of drug resistance and the individual’s history.

It is very important that the anti-malarial medications be used as directed, including continuing the course for the prescribed amount of time after exposure to malaria finishes (up to four weeks, depending on the medication used).

Last Review Date: November 6, 2017