"To: The Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists Thank you for all your great work. I was just wondering if there were a way that I could find out my blood type. I know that I have had a blood test before, do you know how I could view my records? Thanks Kind regards xxxxx"
May 2016

"I am registered with eHealth through Medicare. It has a separate pathology records area and I was wondering if you maybe able to enlighten me as to why none of the pathology companies upload the results to eHealth - how would I go about requesting this to be done. It would be great to have them all in one place, not only for me but for all my Dr's as well as Hospitals to access. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you, Regards, xxxx"
May 2016

"I have been impressed with the information on your website. I also work in educating health staff and would like to comprise a quick reference for first year of practice nurses at The XXXXX Hospital to use. I would like to ask your permission to do this. If you are happy for me to go ahead, is there a particular format you would prefer me to use? How would you like me to acknowledge your company? Would you like to see a copy of the production before it’s distributed?"
May 2016

"Hello. How do I get you to load all of my pathology results into the My Health Record (MyGov) so it's all accessible online? I'd really like them to be available on there as I'm heading overseas. Thank you."
April 2016

"Just wanted to let you know how excellent this site is. I was a 'co-lateral' in the medical profession many years ago. Its been a great pleasure to be able to find the names and details of the infuriating abbreviations and to know a precise purpose for these tests on this website. Thank you so much."
December 2014

"Thank you for your useful service I could not find anything on CMP, P1NP & CTX. I would like to know what these tests are and what they are for. Thank you."
November 2014

"Apart from being easy to navigate and being written in easy to understand language, I am impressed with the volume of information on your site. 

I have been diagnosed with CFS and used your site to understand what I was being tested for.  Also I enjoyed reading your synopsis of CFS.  I think it  sounds current and unbiased.  Well done."

June 2014

"Well designed easy to follow site. Wish I discovered it before tonight!"
April 2014

"The site is excellent - easy to understand and quite comprehensive. Definitely better for patients though; as a health professional (non-doctor) I could personally use a little more detail."
I don't know if it's feasible, but it would be great if you had a feature something like "Ask a Pathologist" - if somebody wanted further information or clarification.
March 2014

"How about normal range charts. They could perhaps be separated out by panel and have a brief description of their indication. Charts can be so much faster to read than paragraphs.
I really appreciate your site. Thank you"
March 2014

"Thank you for providing a great service.  When you are given a page with a raft of blood tests in code, it really makes it easier to understand what your doctor is looking for, particularly when they can't be bothered telling you."
December 2013

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