The Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine is grateful for the support of several organisations that have made Lab Tests Online-AU a vital resource for so many people. At the same time, we are pleased and proud to participate in a collaboration that has helped to make Lab Tests Online a global standard for patient education.

Our stakeholders include:
  • our project partners, who helped us get started and/or provide continued support
  • our international partners who have undertaken the development of native language versions of Lab Tests Online in their home countries, and who make valuable contributions to the breadth and quality of the content

Project partners

Lab Tests Online-AU is the product of a unique collaboration among professional societies representing the clinical laboratory community. The concept was originally conceived by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), and launched in the United States of America as Lab Tests Online. The potential value of the site was subsequently identified by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry (ACB) in the UK and then by the Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (AACB). With funding from a grant from the Quality Use of Pathology Program of the Commonwealth Department of Health, it has been able to licence the material from Lab Tests Online and create a site tailored for the public 'down under'.

The Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine is the major professional society for practicing clinical biochemists in Australia and New Zealand and is a full member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB). Membership of the Association provides both professional and individual benefits. The AACB welcomes graduates in science and medicine together with technicians, students and others with an interest in clinical biochemistry.  AACB launched Lab Tests Online-AU in 2007.

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) was founded in 1953, and is one of the oldest such Associations in the world. Based in the United Kingdom, it is a professional body dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science. The Association has medical and non-medical members in all major UK healthcare laboratories, in many university departments and in several commercial companies. The links with its Corporate Members leads to a fruitful relationship with the clinical diagnostics industry. ACB liaises with and is consulted by many national and international organizations on issues relating to clinical biochemistry, and is the publisher of Lab Tests Online-UK.

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) is Australasia's leading medical diagnostic organisation and promotes the science and practice of Pathology. Pathology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of the nature and causes of diseases. As a consequence it touches every facet of medicine. In fact it has been said that 'Medicine IS Pathology". The College has members in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Independent, evidence-based and not-for-profit, at NPS MedicineWise we provide practical tools and information about medicines, health conditions and medical tests. We give individuals the tools and knowledge to help them make better decisions about their health and medicines and keep health professionals up to date with the latest evidenced-based information.

International partners

Our international partners are responsible for localising Lab Tests Online in countries around the world. They have also provided valuable feedback and, in some cases, original content, that has helped strengthen and broaden the information on the site.
The Spanish Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology was founded in 1976 as the Sociedad Española de Química Clínica (SEQC), or the Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry. Its principal mission is to bring together all scientists who are interested in the field of Clinical Biochemistry, to promote the dissemination of scientific and technical publications, to organize both national and international meetings and educational programs, and to cooperate with other scientific societies.  With support from EDMA and FENIN, SEQC launched Lab Tests Online-ES in 2007.
The Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics was founded in 1964 with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. Its mission is to disseminate new achievements and new technologies in laboratory medicine; to provide members and the healthcare community with education relevant to laboratory medicine, directed at management and clinical issues on such topics as quality management, utilization and cost-effectiveness of laboratory measurements; and finally, to contribute in organization, planning and delivery of healthcare in Poland. There are about 3,500 members in the Society. Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics is a full member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. With support from EDMA and IPPDL, PTDL launched Lab Tests Online-PL in 2007.
The predecessor of the Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine (MLDT) was founded as a joint scientific organization of clinical chemists and pathologists in 1946. MLDT focuses its activity mainly on professional and scientific matters in laboratory medicine and promotes the educational, practical and scientific development of its members. It is also active in advising and influencing healthcare policy decisions, professional and healthcare regulations and laws which impact on the work of medical laboratories and education of laboratory specialists. The Hungarian Society has about 500 members and 15 corporate members. With support from EDMA and HIVDA, MLDT launched Lab Tests Online-HU in 2007.
The Italian Society of  Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBioC) is the largest Italian laboratory society, with approximately 3500 members. It was founded in 1968 and accepts applications by laboratory physicians, laboratory scientists and medical technologists. The Society is lead by a president and by a board that includes the heads of the following  divisions: scientific, international, regional sections, and education and communication.  Every year, the Society organizes a national congress that is attended by 1200-1500 delegates. It regularly publishes a journal (BC) and an on-line news letter.  With support from EDMA and Assobiomedica, SIBioC launched Lab Tests Online-IT in 2007.
The Greek Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry was founded in 1989 and associates more than five hundred, laboratory scientists and medical doctors, working in the field of clinical chemistry-clinical biochemistry in clinical laboratories in Greece. The Greek Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry is the major professional society for practicing clinical biochemists and is a full member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and EFCC (European Federation of Clinical Chemistry). Membership of the GSCC-CB provides both professional and individual benefits. Every year, the Society organizes a national congress that is attended by 1200-1500 delegates. It regularly publishes a journal (BC) and an on-line news letter. The GSCC-CB welcomes graduates in science and medicine together with students and anyone with an interest in clinical biochemistry. With support from EDMA, GSCC-CB launched Lab Tests Online-GR in October 2008.
The Czech Society of Clinical Biochemistry (Česká společnost klinické biochemie, CSKB) was founded in 1958 and associates more than thousand medical doctors, scientists and laboratory technicians, working in the field of clinical biochemistry in clinical laboratories in the Czech Republic. The main role of CSKB is to promote clinical biochemistry among laboratory and clinical colleagues, organize regional, national and international meetings, publish results of research of its members and create guidelines in laboratory diagnostics of serious diseases. CSKB significantly participates in quality improvement of laboratory tests and cooperates with the government in organization of health care in the Czech Republic. Czech version of the project Lab Tests Online (Lab Tests Online-CZ) was introduced in October 2008 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of CSKB and is supported by CSKB and CZEDMA.
The Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine (CSLM) is the largest professional society for practicing laboratory medicine in China, with 73 committee members and hundreds of thousand of ordinary members. It was founded on Sep. 7, 1979 in Jilin province. CSLM is committed to bring together all scientists in the field of laboratory medicine, to promote popularization of clinical laboratory science and publications, to advance the development of laboratory medicine in China through service, education and research, and to organize both national and international meetings and educational programs. CSLM launched Lab Tests Online-CN in November 2009.
The SFBC is a professional organization serving a network of national and international French and French speaking clinical chemists, physicians and laboratory scientists. As national society of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, member of EFCC/IFCC, the SFBC maintains a spirit of cooperation and communication among its members with the primary goals to promote and improve science and practice in the field of lab medicine through research, education, professional development and patient safety and  to become a national leader in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience in CCLM.  With support from EDMA and SFRL, SFBC launched Lab Tests Online-FR in November 2009.
The mission of SBPC/ML (Sociedade Brasileira de Patologia Clínica/Medicina Laboratorial) is to be a Medical Society of Specialty that brings together individuals and organizations engaged in scientific and professional areas of Laboratory Medicine, with the aim of continuous improvement of this activity in health care. Lab Tests Online-BR launched in August 2010.
The Association of Clinical Biochemistry Specialists (KBUD) was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999 in order to encourage the development of Clinical Biochemistry and to protect rights and benefits of its members. Association members include academicians, researchers, and colleagues who have completed or are continuing their training and education in the specialty of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry. KBUD organizes various National and International congresses, symposia and courses. KBUD is responsible for a National External Quality Control Program (KBUDEK), Laboratory Reference Ranges for Turkey (TURA), and translation of selected articles from AACC's Journal of Clinical Chemistry. Lab Tests Online-TR launched in March 2011.
The Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine (KSLM) was founded in 1980 and is the official community for professional clinical pathologists to cope with the trend of specialization, to meet the needs of clinicians, to contribute to advancement and to develop well-organized train programs in the fields of laboratory medicine. It provides leadership in clinical laboratory medicine through academic activities including conferences, meetings and its journal, the Korean Laboratory Accreditation Program, proficiency testing and international activities. Lab Tests Online-KR launched in April 2012.
The Romanian Society of Laboratory Medicine (SRML) was founded in 2001 and took over the assets of the former Romanian Society of Clinical Laboratory (RSCL), a professional organization that was founded in 1993. The Society represents the scientific forum of Romanian specialists active in the field of laboratory medicine and has been a full member of the Romanian Medical Association (AMR) since 1993, a member of BCLF since 1993, a member of IFCC/FESCC since 1996, and a member of WASPaLM since 2006. SRML's major goal is the spread of scientific information among laboratory professionals, offering standards of Good Laboratory Practice, and making the link with clinicians for the correct interpretation of lab tests, to the benefit of patients. The congresses and conferences that SRML has organized over the past years reflect its national and international involvement in the development of laboratory science. Lab Tests Online-RO launched in November 2012.

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