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Information on laboratory testing is not always available or easily obtained, and if found, it sometimes does not answer the questions asked by patients and their families. Lab Tests Online-AU aims to change all that and answer these questions in a simple and understandable way.

This web site is a resource where people can find that up-to-date laboratory testing information which is important to the understanding and management of their health, or the health of someone close to them. Our focus is on clinical laboratory tests and those topics that relate to them. On this site you will find the following:

Test descriptions
At the core of the site is a library of tests that will explain why a test might be performed and how its results might be used. We also explain what kind of sample, or specimen is required to perform the test and we provide answers to some commonly asked questions.

The site also includes a library of conditions and diseases that are briefly described and linked to the tests that are typically used for each.

Screening guide
With a few exceptions like the cervical screening programme, there is little consensus on preventative screening. Many organisations have weighed in on the subject, but in the end, screening is a matter between you and your doctor. We have collected recommendations from a wide range of organisations to help get you started.

Advances in technology are having a tremendous impact on clinical laboratory testing. From refinements in clinical research to development of more home testing devices and kits to the promises of Internet technologies (enabling such things as this web site), there is a lot going on in this field that has a direct effect on you, the patient. We will attempt to summarise news from key sources to keep you up to date.

In-depth articles
What is a reference range? And how does it affect you? These and other important questions are examined and answered in a set of articles and will help you better understand your tests.

The laboratory
This part of the health care infrastructure is a mystery to most patients. We try to pull back the curtains a bit to show you what real-world wizardry occurs inside the laboratory because without it, many diagnoses would be reduced to guesswork, and early detection and prevention of numerous conditions could not occur. We hope that these pages help you feel better about being tested, and give you an appreciation for work of so many people hidden behind the doors of the laboratory.

Search and menus
On every page but the home page, you will find three popdown menus labelled ‘Tests’, ‘Conditions’ and ‘Screening’ that will take you directly to any page in these three libraries. On our home page, you will find these libraries in the three scrolling windows on the right.

External information and services
Throughout the pages of the site, we have tried to include links to other web sites where you can learn more about specific conditions and their treatments. We also provide links to web services provided by sites other than Lab Tests Online-AU. Please note we cannot be responsible for the content of such external sites. You will find our links to be specific to the context of a particular page. We have tried to connect to the sites we know best and trust most. We have not been able to be comprehensive, and would welcome your suggestions for additional links to good information or useful services. For example, see RCPA site Pathology - The Facts

Send us your comments
This is a dynamic site and so we are very interested to know what you think about it and how you have been able to use Lab Tests Online-AU.

Also if you think the information is worth sharing with your friends, there are links to Facebook and Twitter on each page and you can also email or print the information.

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