Health scares in the media

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March 14, 2008
Reading the newspapers can be bad for your health.
You might be scared to death!

Visit the American Council on Science and Health to read about the top ten unwarranted health scares in the US media in 2007.

These scares include:

  1. Lipstick is toxic (Lead in cosmetics)
  2. Fluoridated water jeopardises your health
  3. Red meat and processed meat increase cancer risk
  4. PFOA causes low birth weight babies
  5. Nitrites in cured meat cause lung disease
  6. Roses are toxic
  7. Rubber ducks are toxic (Phthalates endanger children)
  8. Vaccines cause autism
  9. Office printers are as hazardous as secondhand cigarette smoke
  10. Water bottles cause cancer

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Source: American Council on Science and Health: Top ten unfounded health scares of 2007