Medical Benefits Schedule lists HbA1c test for diagnosis of diabetes

Fri 21 November 2014

From November 1 doctors are now able to use the HbA1c test to diagnose diabetes.... Full Story

We launch our new website!

Sun 2 November 2014

"The feedback we have received has been invaluable and now after many months of planning and development we have a newly-designed website that we hope meets expectations."... Full Story

Serum calcium and cancer risk

Thu 16 October 2014

A new study led by Dr Fergus Hamilton, from the Centre for Academic Primary Care at the University of Bristol and published in the British Journal of Cancer, has shown that high levels of calcium in the blood is a risk factor for cancer developing within one year, especially in men. ... Full Story

Research identifies nurses as largest LTO user group

Sun 5 October 2014

Nurses have emerged as the largest professional group using the free pathology information website Lab Tests Online-AU.... Full Story

Colorectal cancer screening is highly effective in reducing deaths from this disease.

Sun 24 November 2013

At the European Cancer Congress 2013 meeting in Amsterdam, Professor Philippe Autier, Vice President, Population Studies, at the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, France reported on results extracted from data on colorectal cancer (CRC) collected as part of the Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) project on exposure to screening in men and women aged 50 and over in 11 European countries between 1989 and 2010.... Full Story

New blood test for detecting fetal abnormalities available in Australia

Thu 7 March 2013

A non-invasive maternal blood test that can detect certain fetal chromosomal disorders, including Down syndrome, early in pregnancy is gaining attention as a potential new method of prenatal screening.... Full Story