Laboratory accreditation - the basis for confidence

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Your Role

Laboratory accreditation means that accredited laboratories meet specified standards, and gives you confidence that your tests are being processed by a reputable laboratory. What can you do as a patient to make sure you are receiving quality service?

  • Ask where your tests are going to be performed. If you wish your tests to be performed at another laboratory, talk to your doctor about this. Although recent legislative changes mean that you may now present a pathology request form to any pathology provider, the choice of pathology provider is best made in consultation with your doctor before the pathology request form is generated. Your doctor may prefer or require a specific pathology provider to perform a pathology test for various reasons e.g. test availability, quality of service, preference for a particular test method or reporting format.(Please also be aware that not all pathology laboratories conduct all tests and that not all tests attract Medicare rebates, even if the laboratory is accredited to perform the test.)
  • Comply with instructions from pathology staff in relation to pre- and post-testing requirements.
  • Provide accurate and complete information to your referring doctor about your health and all your current treatment and medication.

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