Inside the laboratory

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For most of us, having a pathology test is just another part of routine healthcare. We give a sample of blood, urine, a throat swab or even a tissue sample and our doctor gets information about our health. It’s a simple as that. But the reality is that behind the scenes pathology testing is far more complex.

Depending on what tests we are having the sample could go through any one or more of many specialist labs and be investigated by teams of pathologists and scientists working with highly-sophisticated instruments before a diagnosis is made, a report prepared and together with the results, sent back to the doctor.

As pathology takes on an increasingly prominent role in healthcare, understanding what happens inside the lab is almost as important as knowing how to interpret test results.

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This section explains how the people in the labs work together on your behalf to come up with the answers:

Follow that sample: a short laboratory tour
Overview of how samples are treated within laboratories

Laboratory accreditation - the basis for confidence
A look into why you can trust your laboratory results as much as your doctors do

People in the pathology laboratory
Overview of the people who work in laboratories

Where laboratory tests are performed
Overview of the settings in which laboratory tests are performed