Pathology news

Liquid Biopsies and Cancer Care

12 Nov 2015

“Liquid biopsies” is a new buzzword in medical circles at the moment.... Full story

Changes to cervical cancer screening announced.

05 Oct 2015

The Australian National Prescriber Service (NPS) have just announced forthcoming changes to the cervical cancer screening program in Australia. The current screening program using PAP smears will be replaced by screening for human papilloma virus (HPV). ... Full story

Site news

Condition and test just added to site

05 Nov 2015

Two new articles added to the site today: the Condition - myasthenia gravis and the related Test - Acetylcholine receptor (AChR) antibody... Full story

Supporter news

November edition of ePathWay released

25 Nov 2015

Rock royalty celbrates IPD, faecal pathogens, B12/folate and safeguarding donor organs and tissue... Full story

Learn why pathology testing is so important

05 Nov 2015

Keep up to date with Know Pathology, Know Healthcare News... Full story

healthdirect app launched today

29 Oct 2015

The healthdirect mobile app is designed to help people make health decisions quickly, safely and easily. Importantly, it provides consumers with an easy way to access information partner content on a mobile device. ... Full story

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